• Roscoff

    Roscoff (Finistère), a rich heritage to discover during your holiday in Brittany. We organize day tours all around the region.

  • Glenan

    Iles Glénan (Finistère) - amazing and diverse nature to enjoy during your trip to Brittany. We suggest tours to mix the visit of historical towns and beautiful places along the coast or in the countryside.

  • Rennes

    Visite Bretagne suggests cultural and language stays including accommodation in Brittany (France). Rennes is one of the place for day tours.

  • laita

    Guided tours and hikes all around Brittany (here in Morbihan area), in the nature and in towns, to discover both Breton heritage and French culture.

  • Clisson

    A trip to Brittany is the opportunity to enjoy a diverse nature, the ocean, picturesque and historical towns (here in Clisson), as well as a special French culture.

Offers combining private transport, discovery of Brittany and accommodation : transfers + private tours + nights in our B&B in Combourg !


Visite Bretagne is suggesting you original excursions in very small groups or even private guided tours so they can all be at your own pace, and fully respond to your own wishes. For even more immersion in Breton and French cultures, you can stay in our B&B in the heart of amazing sites in Bretagne.

How about visiting Brittany?
Did you think Brittany was this peninsula which had been cut from the British coast and then collided with France? Is it this region which gave the United States of America a flag for them to put colours on?

If you answered yes to those two questions, may we suggest that you keep investigating further…

Did you know (and that is truth this time!) that Brittany is one of the 7 Celtic nations? Did you know that at once fully independent, Brittany then attracted interest from Great Britain but it finally pursued its history along with France? Did you also know that optical fiber and kitesurf were first invented in Brittany? And that it is in Brittany that you can find the longest but also the only convexe shaped beach in Europe?

Beyond these details, Brittany is inviting you to discover its original identity which is a combination of both French and Breton cultures, its curiosities, and obviously not to forget its beautiful nature, uncommon landscape, and often with a wild touch to it.

To best enjoy and take advantage of your stay in Brittany and also meet with its several facets, nothing as such as a stroll in company with a local tour guide in love with the region. Visite Bretagne can design custom-made excursions too.

Visite Bretagne offers different types of tours

A few more words about Brittany

Suggestions for itineraries across Brittany


Some examples of visits (complete list of tours in Bretagne):


Rennes at a glance

City tours in Rennes (private and small groups)

From medieval alleys to royal squares



Private guide to discover Saint-Malo and its unique history

City of the corsairs



Guided tour to the megaliths in Carnac and Locmariaquer, Morbihan

Megaliths are telling...



Tours in Dinan with a Breton guide

City of Art and History



Tour guide in Mont-Saint-Michel: group and private tours

Marvel between land and sea


Nantes, the essential

Private guide to discover Nantes from the inside

Roam the heart of the city


Day trips or 2 day trips to Bretagne from Paris, to visit Mont Saint Michel, Saint Malo, Dinan, Rennes... Please contact us for more details.

Tours and transfers in Brittany, France

During this period of Covid19, we pay special attention to design private tours in Brittany away from the crowd, applying all advised health measures (including private transport or not).


Bed and Breakfast in Combourg

You are looking for a base to tour Bretagne, for a beautiful town to stop off ? We suggest our guestrooms, ideally located for discovery!


combourg b and b (north brittany, france)

Itinerary - Visite Bretagne gives you some ideas for touring Brittany.

Itinéraires touristiques en Bretagne


Meet both French language and culture, choose an original way to visit France and Brittany : discover French'cursions!

french lesson

News from Brittany

Rennes arts du feu festival

In Rennes, craftsmen working their materials with fire will show their art on the square of the city hall, from 2022 Dec 8th till 11th ("Arts du feu").

News from Brittany

Mont-Saint-Michel super tides

From 2022 October 9th till 11th, super tides around Mont St Michel! Take the opportunity to visit it from a different angle and avoiding the crowd.

News and events


Interceltic festival in Lorient, from 2021, August, 6th till 15th