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  • nantes feydeau

    City tours in Nantes to discover its islands and old islands (here ile Feydeau)

  • nantes chateau pano

    Balades commentées à Nantes, ici au château des Ducs de Bretagne (castle of the Dukes of Brittany)

  • nantes conseil

    Visiter Nantes et son patrimoine architectural varié, mélangeant classique et moderne

  • nantes corniche

    Visites guidées sur mesure à Nantes : l'occasion de s'attarder sur les détails qui vous intéressent! Private tours in Nantes, the opportunity to focus on your interests

Nantes, the essential

Nantes in a few words

Why coming to Nantes whilst a very beautiful coast nearby is calling us, will you be asking yourself ? You will quickly realize that tourist attractions and activities are worth a stop-over. In the absence of any beach or ocean, water is yet still not missing in Nantes : the river Loire is fighting its way through the city (it is in fact rather the city which made itself comfortable over the centuries and grew bigger) and meets with the river Erdre right in the city centre. It is an airy town where you will have great pleasure taking a walk along the streets, rivers and parks. And by the way, Nantes was elected European Green Capital City back in 2013.
City tours in Nantes (Brittany), to see the local heritage (here the Tour Lu)

During your wanderings, you will discover some areas with strong character, each illustrating a rich history and specific times :

  • Medieval time with the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany and also with the Bouffay area
  • 18th century Neo-Classic style in the city centre
  • Feydeau Island and quays shaped by the booming water transportation and trade (more specifically with triangular trade i.e. slave trade)
  • Haussmann style buildings and areas which are heritage from 19th century
  • Industrial Revolution and shipyards on Nantes’ Island which were recently rehabilitated and turned to unusual constructions, sometimes every arty ones. A giant elephant which looks just straight out of Jules Verne’s worlds has even made its home there !


Nantes is of course not a museum and also shows very modern profiles, not just via its architecture. Acitivities, cultural events and various initiatives will follow one another all year round. Whether it is about music (all sorts!), cinema, theatre, sports, contemporary art or even floral art, everyone will be able to satisfy their desire for entertainment, night and day ! Amongst those activities, we will mention the major “A journey to Nantes” which still surprises us all summer in the streets, and also the Erdre Rendez-Vous and its jazz music in the open, and almost aquatic.

Group tours in Nantes to visit various areas of the cityNantes will also be able to seduce your papillae. Given its history, Nantes has always been involved in preparing few sweets such as Berlingots, Rigolettes, Bottereaux or typical Nantes’ cake. BN Choco, LU Petit Beurre, or the Paille d’Or were also born there. On a different register, the Muscadet wines will perfectly suit with seafood and fishes which as for them, will happily coordinate with a white butter sauce.

Maybe you will ask this ever so asked question : is Nantes part of Brittany ? On paper it no longer is administratively since 1941 and it even became Prefecture for Pays de la Loire in the meantime. Historically and culturally it is a different story. It once was the Capital City of the Dukes of Brittany and gave birth to Anne de Bretagne. Britton flag is still flying there. City centre then looks very Britton yet you might as well come and decide for yourself !



Famous places in Nantes (la Cigale restaurant) Take your time to relax in Nantes!


“Nantes, the essential” visit

This will take you around the key places which shaped the city through the times and still liven up. You will have the opportunity to imagine what city could look like at Middle Age and see what is left nowadays. Little streets and squares are all there to testify the prosperous or hard times peoples in Nantes have faced since the French Revolution. These houses remind us of their former activities but also of the people who contributed to the changes in this city. The city now and modern life style with their various influences fit harmoniously to these historical surroundings. All this will contribute to keep your eyes wide open, trying to spot very unusual sides.


Book for the "Nantes, the essential" excursion

Guided tours in Nantes to discover its rich Breton and French history

Practical information : 

  • Visit is meant to last for 2h
  • Price rates :

Private visit : 140 euros for your own group.

  • Some more complete visits 
    are also proposed to discover the city :

Different perspectives in Nantes and Nantes, the overview.


How to come to Nantes :

  • By train from Paris in 2h (Montparnasse TGV), from Rennes in 1h20, from Tours and Loire valley castles in 2h. SNCF time schedule.
  • By car : 380 km from Paris, 200 km from Loire valley castles, 100 km from Rennes, 350 km from Bordeaux.
  • In Nantes you can easily move by tramway, bus, bike or on foot.



Agenda :

  • La Folle Journée is the annual rendez-vous for classical music. The largest classical music festival in France proposes an original program willing to forge links with other music styles. From 2020 January, 29th till February 2nd.
  • Hip Opsession is a hip hop festival including concerts, battle dances and workshops. From 2020 February, 20th till March, 1st.
  • Nantes Carnival takes place for about a week, sometimes with local giants in the parades. On 2020 March, 29th (day), April 1st (for children) and April, 4th (night).
  • Spring flea market on square Viarme during the first week-end of May 2020 (to be confirmed ; other dates in autumn, in late September - early October).
  • A journey to Nantes. From late June to late August, downtown and a few areas in Nantes take on bright colors of modern art to make the discovery of the city even more pleasant. Many inventive creations and events around these places.
  • Summertime (Aux heures d'été), is a festival blending arts and cultures from all over the world (concerts, shows, movies,readings). From early July till mid-August 2020.
  • Rendez-vous de l'Erdre. Very eclectic jazz artists meet on stages along the Erdre river (or even on the water!). It is a relaxed atmosphere to let yourself be gently rocked by various influenced music and the lights on the water.
    It is also the opportunity to enjoy beautiful sailing regatta on the Erdre river. From 2020 August, 24th till 30th.
  • Celtomania is the Celtic culture event in Nantes and in a few towns around, with concerts, fest noz, tales, strolls... From 2020 October, 1st till November, 15th.
  • Utopiales is the Nantes International Science Fiction Festival mixing movies, litterature, science, comics, plastic art, role-playing and video games. From 2020 October, 29th till November 1st.
  • Festival Culture Bar Bars, 3 days of concerts in pubs and bars. The festival began in Nantes and spread across France. In late November.
  • Festival des 3 Continents, a great opportunity to discover cinemas from Africa, Asia and South America. From 2020 November, 20th till 27th.

  • The International Floralies, is a major exhibition of temporary stunning gardens every five years. Next edition in May 2024 !
  • And many more informal events too!