Events in Brittany

In addition to the events discussed on the various tours pages, here are a few major events throughout the year in Brittany. Some current events are also presented on the home page.
For some events, we can take care of your organization so that you just have enjoy the show (ticket booking, transport, accommodation, tours in the area...)! Please contact us to precise your wishes.


  • Fête de la Bretagne (Brittany festival) suggests a long list of events across Brittany (and even much further!). This festival derives from Breton patron Saint-Yves festival ("Gouel Erwan" in Breton). From 2020 May, 15th till 24th.

Inter celtic festival in Lorient, music and dance


  • Festival Etonnants Voyageurs ("Amazing travellers" festival) is the inescapable meeting in Saint Malo for travel and exploration lovers, through books and films. From 2020 May, 30th till June, 1st.

  • Music festival (fête de la musique), celebrated like everywhere in France on Summer Day, around June, 21th (depending on cities and towns).Cultural event in summer : le Voyage à Nantes


  • A journey to Nantes (Le voyage à Nantes). Downtown and a few areas in Nantes take on bright colors of modern art to make the discovery of the city even more pleasant. Many inventive creations and events around these places. From late June to late August.

  • Brest International maritime festival. Every four years, some boats from all seas and oceans meet in Brest, for one of the major sailing events. It is the perfect opportunity to admire old and beautiful sailing boats, and even to board on some traditional yachts. It is the while to contemplate the maritime history in a festive and musical environment.
    Next edition from 2020 July, 16th till 20th.

  • Festival des Vieilles Charrues in Carhaix was initially a crazy idea of musical rendez-vous in the middle of Brittany. It has become the biggest music festival in France (in terms of spectators). Various music scenes. From 2020, July, 16th till 20th.

  • Cornouaille festival, in Quimper (Cornouaille is the historic area in Brittany particularly related to Cornwall). Breton music, but not only! Fest-noz, theatre, parade with costumes, dance and embroidery workshops. From 2020 July, 21th till 26th.

  • Music festivals in Brittany (France)Rendez vous with Breton culture and nature


  • Tro Breiz, which means touring Bretagne in Breton, is an old pilgrimage in the honour of the seven Breton saints, mostly from Wales and Cornwall, having preached in Bretagne (seven stages, one of which is staged every year in early August). From 2020 July, 27th till August, 1st, the stage will go from Dol de Bretagne to Rennes.

  • Sound and light show at the abbey of Bon Repos (near Rostrenen and the Lake of Guerlédan). Hundreds of voluntary extras take part in this Breton historical fresco, in a charming setting, after dark. On 2020 July, 30th and 31st and August, 1st, 5th, 7th and 8th.

  • Festival du Bout du Monde ("End of the world" festival) is a music festival that blends many influences in an amazing setting, on Crozon peninsula. From 2020 July, 31st till August, 2nd.

  • Festival Interceltique de Lorient (Interceltic festival) is the annual festival of Celtic music and culture, from 2020 August, 7th till 16th.

  • Festival des filets bleus ("Blue fishing nets" festival), in Concarneau : concerts, traditional dance, parade... From 2020 August, 12th till 16th.

  • Festival des Arts Sonnés, music festival in Saint André des Eaux (near Dinan). In September 2020.

  • Festival Livre et Mer ("Book & Sea" festival) is the opportunity to dream about maritime litterature in different ways, with films, lectures, meeting with authors... In Concarneau, from 2020 November, 13th till 15th.

Sailing is also part of the interceltic festival in Lorient Religious heritage in Brittany


Some more rare events:

  • The week of the Gulf (la semaine du Golfe), one of the main sailing events in Brittany. Every two years beautiful sailing boats take part in regattas and parades in the Gulf of Morbihan, near Vannes. Next edition in May 2021.

  • Festival du chant de marin is a sea shanty festival that offers music from various places as well. It takes place in Paimpol once every two years. Next edition in August 2021.

  • Route du Rhum is a transatlantic sailing race that takes place between Saint-Malo and Guadeloupe every four years. Next departure in 2022!

  • Great procession in Locronan (grande troménie de Locronan), every 6 years. Next rendez-vous in July 2025.


Yacht parade in Brittany (Brest 2016) Sailing in Brittany, parades (Brest)

Our Norman neighbours also organize interesting events !

Festival Jazz sous les pommiers ("Jazz under the apple-trees" festival), in Coutances. From 2020, May 15th till 23rd.

- New "Civilian population during the 2nd World War" memorial, in Falaise.

- Commemorations of the Normandy landing: D-Day festival, for the 76th anniversary from 2020 May, 30th till June, 14th.