Alternative ways to discover France and Brittany

Visite Bretagne suggests original ways to travel across Brittany and meet French province.


French classes

A more traditional method of one-to-one or small group French classes is also possible. Of course, you choose the number of lessons: one-hour or a few hour classes to discuss specific topics, intensive courses over a few days, or a language stay including accommodation to immerse in French culture and get quick results. Ways to learn French language are wide and we strive to find the best combination for you, mixing theoretical training, video, games, setting up situations...

Depending on your needs, previously defined together, these lessons will focus either on understanding and oral/written expression, or on French culture. A special attention is paid to learning "everyday" French, as it is spoken in the daily life.

Classes are offered all year round in:
- Combourg (halfway between Rennes and Saint Malo, access by train)
- Rennes
- Saint Malo
Courses take place at your convenience in a public place, in a meeting room (rental fee in addition), or at your home in the area of Rennes - St Malo (also possible further with a kilometre fee).

A first chat is possible for free with Skype to assess your needs.

french language stay in France
Prices for one-to-one classes:
- 1-hour class: from 20€
- 1.5-hour class (usually more efficient than 1-hour class) : 29€
- 3-hour class: 55€
- 7 hours (over the day): 115€

Prices for group classes (up to 4 people; beyond please contact us):
- 1-hour class: from 35€
- 1.5-hour class: 50€
- 3-hour class: 95€
- 7 hours (over the day): 190€

Intensive and immersed training, at the teacher's:
- 2 days of one-to-one classes, 1 night in B&B in Combourg, 295€ for 1 person (from 365€ for 2 people in a double room).
- 3 days of one-to-one classes, 2 nights in B&B in Combourg, 460€ for 1 person (from 590€ for 2 people in a double room).
- 5 days of one-to-one classes, 4 nights in B&B in Combourg, 760€ for 1 person (from 995€ for 2 people in a double room).
- other on-demand formulas, especially for 2, 3 or 4 people with discount rates. It is possible to include a French culture programme from various angles (litterature, humour, cinema, music, arts, cooking...).

Classes can be combined with tours / French'cursions in Brittany to make it even more pleasant and to practice on the spot (for example courses in the morning and tours in the afternoon). You get a rare chance to speak both with a teacher of French as a foreign language and with a French native speaker, in a friendly environment dedicated to suiting your needs.

Feel free to contact us for more details and packages.

French lessons online

You may greatly improve in French language through Skype or Zoom lessons, especially about understanding and oral expression. As your French tutor, we communicate a first time to talk about your needs and to try a first free chat. If it suits you, you then choose the most appropriate package:
- 5 hours, 100€
- 10 hours, 190€
- 15 hours, 275€
- 20 hours, 360€

- time saving
- very flexible schedule
- discounted rates


Diving into a country also means discovering its language. Visitors showing interest may take benefit from their trip to France to improve their knowledge of the French language or to begin studying it. Guided tours with Visite Bretagne are an ideal opportunity to mix discovery of cultural heritage and language.

French language class in Brittany

This format applies to people of all ages. We adapt to your level and expectations in French:

- beginners may learn some useful French words and expressions during the excursion mainly provided in English. 
- for more advanced people, the tour takes place
partially or fully in French, depending on your level and desire.

We agree prior to your arrival on the expected level; of course we adapt to your needs during the tour.

French'cursions especially aim at improving your oral communication (understanding, expression) using daily life French language. Tour materials are provided for additional keys, which may help during your stay as well.

All the excursions listed on this web site are available as French'cursions at the same quoted price.


French culture sessions, Breton culture sessions

According to your interests, we talk about movies, music, gastronomy, art de vivre, litterature, traditions, history... It can be online or during your stay in Brittany. Like for French lessons, we agree about a programme for a few sessions (the same prices apply).


Leaflets and audio files to discover Breton and French cities

Learn more about cities that you want to explore on your own while improving your French pronunciation. These texts introduce the cultural and historic background, they are adapted to people learning French as a foreign language. Along with the document, you receive by e-mail two audio files (MP3) to help you improve oral understanding and expression in French : one file with normal reading speed and one with a slow pronunciation to clearly distinguish words.
Price for one city : 15€.
Available cities : Rennes, Lyon (gastronomy), Versailles, Angers, Quimper, Fougères, Saint Malo, Mont St Michel.

Gastronomic program

Like any trip to France, a stay in Brittany is an opportunity to taste various culinary specialities and wines. On demand, our program can be French cuisine oriented. Private excursions may include testing sessions (wines, oysters, cheese, seafood, pastry, confectionary, etc.).

Cultural and gastronomic programme in Brittany

Genealogical research

In case you had some relatives living in France, and particularly in Brittany or around, years or centuries ago (Breton people were and are still travelers!), we would be glad to help you trace your ancestry. We may help in browsing and understanding archives. We may also discover on the spot places and environment where members of your family used to live.


Thematic excursions

Depending on your interests and current cultural events in Brittany, individual thematic tours are organised on demand: Brittany, the cradle of Romanticism; French culture and art de vivre; Immersion into the Breton culture during the Interceltic festival; A journey in the time of the Dukes of Brittany; Brittany during the Second World War; music festivals, etc.


Thalasso- and balneo therapy

Brittany is well-known for its thalassotherapy centers and spas. We can help you find the place that suits you. Just come and relax!


Organize special events in FranceCelebrate events in Brittany in a castle!

Events and wedding

Dreaming of your wedding celebration or an other important ceremony in France? Brittany will meet your expectations! Many manor houses and beautiful reception halls are waiting for you in typical villages or in the heart of nature. We will be happy to suggest you some ideas and help you organize your ceremony.


Please contact us for more details about these offers