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    Excursions en Bretagne nord, endroit idéal pour de nombreux circuits de randonnée de différentes difficultés (ici, la pointe du Grouin)

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    Discover the wild side of Brittany, tour its islands with a local guide (here Ouessant).

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    The Breton coast along the Atlantic ocean, with multiple small or large beaches (here in Saint Brévin les pins, near Nantes)


Welcome to Brittany, France

Brittany is not this region that was peacefully and quietly placed at the top left corner of France, with a gorgeous view over the ocean. It is a combination of both Celtic history and traditions, and French ones since 1532.  With its open gate towards the ocean, this land has always been home for many travelers and is still attracting plenty of them. It also has a number of assets appealing dreamers and people who have curiosity and wish to discover this uncommon French “province”.


Great variety to be discovered in Brittany

Let’s make it clear, these few words do not aim at summarizing the whole of Rich heritage in Brittany (Vitre) Brittany for it has such a wide variety of aspects, subtleties depending on whether you go along the coast Armor (and its “path of the Douaniers” – the ancient customs officers’ footpath which is 2000 km long) or whether you take some time to penetrate inland to discover Argoat with its mounts and rivers. You will then find out about its heritage and various traditions from either Breton speaking lands or Gallo speaking ones. Its Northern coast along the English Channel and Southern coast will not show you the same charms. The first one will be sometimes sharp and wild while the second one offers long beaches and creeks much smoother.

The common point to the whole of Brittany is its amazingly diversified landscape, covered up with changing lights and sky sometimes delicate some other times whimsical. These may well unveil your painter or photographer skills ! Cities there have managed to both maintain and emphasize their heritage, building on their Britton and French history (and renewing themselves).
A great number of villages are not left aside as far as character is concerned : they will happily show their features and specifities to those of you who would like to take their time strolling along the paved small streets, looking at the beautiful old stone houses with their half-timbered structures and colored  timber-framed appearance which are inherited from Middle-Age, just as if it all happened yesterday.

By the sea front, fishermen’s white houses and their hydrangea will give the tone ; a bit further down, villas dating back to the time of 19th – early 20th century seaside resorts will make their appearing. The open waters islands will call you for the day or more. Fishing there is never too far, neither are the boats ; that will w(h)et your appetite with their sea fruits, fishes as much as with their sailors or pirates stories. Their sweet, salted or liquid savory specialities will undoubtedly attract you to the table.

Brittany, rich of legends

In this historical Brittany which took great fun spreading more or less visible symbols all over, maybe you will be fortunate enough to meet with korrigans and fairy, these characters in local fairy tale folk. It is no easy task as they are used to walking along the small lanes and path, from Nantes to Brest. Many legends will give you hints and guide you through, surely ! They will also show you the way to the Knights of the Round Table in the Broceliande's forest, hopefully not coming across the Ankou character…


Authentic towns in Brittany (Rochefort en Terre) Gastronomy in Brittany (France)


Activities and leisure

Visiting Brittany is also an opportunity to take part and enjoy a rich and diversified program of festivals, and events such as music and dance (Breton ones or not), sailing, photography, cinema, litterature, comic strips or even long-haul traveling. Beyond all these cultural and sports activities, this area is ideal for leisure and relaxing by the beach, on seacoast hiking trails or in one of the thalassotherapy centres.

At your own pace, strolls in the countryside or in town will be calling for some more. You can be sure that something new is to be discovered at the horizon, something you did not suspect yet.



Breton culture

Breton, Celtic and French culture in Brittany

French province with a typical character



Itineraries in Brittany

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