Lorient Interceltic Festival

Flag of the celtic nations Parade of Breton and Celt people in Lorient

The Inter Celtic Festival of Lorient is an annual ten-day festival of celtic music and cultures. Many artists, musicians, dancers and visitors meet there coming from various Celtic nations and areas: Brittany, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Galicia, Asturias and from other countries where the diaspora settled (Acadia, United States, Australia...). The festival was born in 1971 and it has considerably grown in the Breton cultural landscape, becoming an essential Celtic event.

Every day from the early afternoon until late at night, many concerts, parades, shows, festoù-noz (the name for the Breton dances) are scheduled throughout the city. Some concerts are free and take place in the streets, under marquees. You have to book and pay for indoor concerts with the most "renowned" artists. Some artists coming from other parts of the world also bring a happy musical mix touch.

On the first Sunday morning the Grand Parade Breton dancers in the streets of Lorient during the inter celtic festivalof Celtic Nations takes place in the streets of Lorient. It may be the most spectacular event during the festival. The Breton bands (bagadoù) and Celtic musicians parade through the streets with dancers in traditional costumes. The finals of the Breton Bagadoù Championship also take place at the beginning of the festival.

Every night a sound and light show is held at the Lorient stadium (le Moustoir), it is advisable to buy tickets in advance.

Along the marina, each Celtic nation owns a marquee to welcome visitors, to present their region and have a drink!

In the middle of this friendly environment, you will also find a Celtic market including craft and food, art exhibitions, conference and films, music instrument and costume exhibitions, the "book quay", a place for traditional Breton games and sports.


Lorient inter celtic festival 2020

Every year one of these nations is the special guest, in the middle of the tents of other nations, in a joyful atmosphere in the streets of Lorient.

In 2020 it is the 50th edition of the festival ! It will take place from August, 7th till 16th. Bretagne is the special guest this year!

Tours can be organised in Lorient, in relation with the festival events. Please contact us for details.


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