• Pointe-du-grouin

    Excursions en Bretagne nord, endroit idéal pour de nombreux circuits de randonnée de différentes difficultés (ici, la pointe du Grouin)

  • 1402782530_ouessant.jpg

    Discover the wild side of Brittany, tour its islands with a local guide (here Ouessant).

  • 1402782567_saint_brevin.jpg

    The Breton coast along the Atlantic ocean, with multiple small or large beaches (here in Saint Brévin les pins, near Nantes)


Itineraries in Brittany

Visite Bretagne suggests you a few itineraries for your trip in Brittany. Of course these are only examples, other routes are possible to discover numerous curiosities along more confidential roads. The area is full of unspoilt viewpoints and towns, feel free to contact us to help you prepare your itinerary according to your wishes and schedule.


  • Over 2 days :

- Northern Bretagne
Day 1 : Mont Saint Michel (A) - Saint Malo (C) + Cancale optional (B)
Day 2 : Dinan (D) - Rennes (E) + Fougeres optional (F)

Visit north Brittany in 2 days

- Southern Bretagne
Day 1 : Vannes (A) - Morbihan gulf (B)
Day 2 : Nantes(C)-Clisson(D) or Le Croisic-Guerande (in black on the map)

2-day tour in south Brittany

  • Over 4 days :

- Itinerary 1
Day 1 : Mont Saint Michel (A) - Saint Malo (C) + Cancale optional (B)
Day 2 : Dinan (D) - Rennes (E)
Day 3 : Vannes (F) - Morbihan gulf (G)
Day 4 : Guerande (H) - Le Croisic (I)

4-day itinerary through eastern Brittany (France)

- Itinerary 2
Day 1 : Nantes (A) - Clisson (B)
Day 2 : Broceliande forest (C) - Josselin (D)
Day 3 : Pink granite coast (E) - Dinan (F)
Day 4 : Saint Malo (G) - Mont Saint Michel (I) + Cancale optional (H)

4-day tour through Brittany

  • Over 7 days :

Day 1 : Mont Saint Michel (A) - Saint Malo (B) + Cancale optional
Day 2 : Dinan (C) - Pink granite coast (D)
Day 3 : Concarneau(E)-Pont Aven or Crozon-Locronan (in black on the map)
Day 4 : Groix island or Belle-île (in black on the map)
Day 5 : Auray - Vannes (F)
Day 6 : Guerande (G) - Nantes (H)
Day 7 : Rennes (I) - Broceliande forest (J)

Circuit in Brittany over a week (France)

Among many ideas to extend your stay in Brittany: Carnac, Quimper, Roscoff, Pornic, La Gacilly, Vitre, the coast of legends, Dol de Bretagne... Or maybe you prefer to reach an island (Ouessant, Batz, Brehat...) !

Not forgetting that holidays in Brittany can be easily combined with a few days in Paris, Castles of the Loire Valley and/or Normandy.