Practical information


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  • Meeting point for each excursion is stated when booking is made.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice on transport to our excursion places.
  • Visits can be organised in French, English and Russian.
  • We suggest you wear comfortable walking shoes.

Carte de la Bretagne par rapport à la France

TripAdvisor Visite Bretagne guided tours

  • Batz-route

    Tours with a private and local guide in Finistere, Brittany (here the island of Batz, near Roscoff)

  • Saint-Cado-maison

    Amazing landscapes in Morbihan (Saint Cado). Join hikes in Brittany with a local guide!

  • LaTurballe

    La côte atlantique en Bretagne (La Turballe), lieu de balades et de relaxation pour vos vacances.


Looking for a local guide in Brittany ? Visite Bretagne adapts to your getaway desire and organises guided tours in English so that you feel like a guest and not only like a tourist!

Each tour mentioned in our excursions can be organized two different ways.

- Private tours

These customized and individual visits will provide you additional comfort, on the day and time that suit you best. Program for your tour is obviously all prepared for you, and we can also adapt to your wishes and interests at the time. No matter how many participants you wish to register (just yourself or a group ; prices are mentioned up to 10 people - beyond please contact us), the excursion will only be yours. Not having any external participants, you are guaranteed that we endeavour to satisfy your wishes and organize it all at your own pace. We can also always advise you on some good places for a restaurant or a place to go out, an event or any other curiosity so you can pursue with your stay. Please feel free to tell us about your special interests before the tour so that we can take them into account to adapt your visit.


-  Visits within a group

Participants meet on a specific day and time (schedule described on the web page of every tour). These shared tours are deliberately organized for a very small number of people (12-15 people max) so it facilitates communication within the group and allows for a qualitative visit. Small groups allow us to better meet your interests and expectations, and possibly give you advice about next stops and visits in comparison with usual group visits which would impose their program and pace. These excursions are organized provided we have a minimum number of participants. We will send you a confirmation for the visit as soon as we have reached this minimum.

Want to discover a special culture in France ? Come and visit Brittany! Day tours in Brittany, including castles (Josselin)

No matter which type of visit you go for, they can all be in English, French or Russian (sometimes in German too).

Obviously, should you have any special place in mind that you would like to see, or a specific desire for a tour, please let us know and we will have pleasure trying to see how we can arrange for that.

It is advisable to book as soon as possible to ensure that the tour is available for the date you wish. But you can give it a try as well at the very last moment if your trip to Brittany was not planned!

We will also be able to suggest and include local events (festivals, exhibitions, etc) to your excursions depending on your interest and agenda.

Feel free to contact us during the organization of your trip in France, we will try to help you according to your wishes. By the way we already suggest you some routes in Bretagne.


Who are we ?

Beyond being a tour guide from Brittany, I am fond of traveling and meeting with other cultures. Each return trip is also the opportunity to appreciate its beauty even more. Sharing my passion and knowledge of the area then sounded like obvious and pleasure to me. I will have in mind to show you Brittany's charms and places just the way I like to discover places when I travel, in contact with locals and details of the French daily life.
I speak French, English, Russian and we can also talk in German and Spanish.
The company Visite Bretagne is formally referenced in France under SIRET number 804 198 612 00033.