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Guided tours through the megalithic sites in Carnac (Bretagne)

Bretagne is covered with megaliths, which are scattered on its ground, in the inland, along the coasts, in the woods, in the middle of fields, on its islands. The Breton nature unveils to curious people a great variety of these strange stone witnesses (menhirs, dolmens, cairns, tumulus). Some of them are giants that have been facing the natural elements since the Neolithic Age (many of them are more than 6000 years old), quite a long time before the pyramids of Egypt!

Carnac gives an extraordinary concentration of standing stones, it is even the biggest still standing megalithic site in the world. Their distribution, density, shape, tell for some of them their history, their role and how life was in the time of their architects. Some others remain a complete mystery. But all of them have their legends to tell, each in its own way...

There are various itineraries and options to discover Carnac, tailor-made programmes with a guide, to really meet your wishes. Why not enjoy the magic of the place in the early morning hours or at sunset ? The tour can continue in Locmariaquer, another major place for megaliths.

Please contact us for more information about tours in Carnac and Locmariaquer

Private tour to the megaliths in Carnac Discover various kinds of megaliths in Carnac (here, a cairn)

Practical information:

  • Basic visit is meant to last 2.5 hours.
  • Price rates

Private visit: 160 euros for your own group

- 2 private visit pack to Carnac and Gulf of Morbihan on the same day : 220€.


Megaliths along the Gulf of Morbihan (Locmariaquer)