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  • Meeting point for each excursion is stated when booking is made.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice on transport to our excursion places.
  • Visits can be organised in French, English and Russian.
  • We suggest you wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • ile-arz

    Visites guidées sur le golfe du Morbihan, notamment sur ses îles (île aux Moines, île d'Arz), depuis Vannes ou Larmor-Baden par exemple

  • arz

    Private guided tours along the Gulf of Morbihan and on its islands (ile aux Moines, ile d'Arz), for example from Vannes or Larmor-Baden.

  • golfe-arzon

    Excursions dans le Golfe du Morbihan, alliant beauté et histoire

  • golfe-crouesty

    Tour guide in Morbihan, where we can follow the coast as well as the history (Brittany, France)

Gulf of Morbihan

The Breton language gave a name to the Gulf and to a department of Bretagne: Morbihan means "little sea". The Gulf of Morbihan is actually an inland sea reaching out the Bay of Quiberon. Its jagged coasts with its different islands make it a diversified and unique landscape. The gulf and the bay are even part of a prestigious club gathering the most beautiful bays in the world! Towns and ports which stake the coast contribute to the particular climate of the Gulf.

There are various options to see and feel the Gulf, over half a day or the full day. It is actually possible to extend the visit and breathe the air of the Gulf, embarking on the islands of Arz or Moines. The visit can also continue with the town of Auray, its old and intact port Saint Goustan.

Please contact us for more information about excursions to the Gulf of Morbihan.


Practical information:

  • Visit is meant to last 2 hours.
  • Price rates

- Private visit: 145 euros for your own group

  • Special offers Gulf of Morbihan + Vannes

- 2 private visit pack to Vannes and Gulf of Morbihan on the same day : 195€.

  • Special offers Gulf of Morbihan + Carnac

- 2 private visit pack to Carnac and Gulf of Morbihan on the same day : 220€.


Gulf of Morbihan (Brittany, France) Brittany is the place for sailing in France!